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Breast Lift Information

Breast Lift surgery is a procedure designed to bring lost life back to the shape and contour of their breasts. Breasts may begin to sag for a number of reasons including pregnancy, genetics, and aging. The areolar area (circle around the nipples) may also become enlarged or misshapen, and a breast lift is effective in treating this condition as well.

Breast lift surgery can certainly help many women to achieve the breast shape they desire, but candidates should be aware of what is involved in the procedure and what outcomes are possible. By understanding the procedure, you can better develop an expectation for what the procedure can and cannot do. Patients may or may not be benefited through the use of implants, and you and your surgeon will discuss the use of implants during your consultation. Please visit our breast implant information page to learn more about the types of implants available.

Breast lift prices and costs can vary substantially, depending on the location the plastic surgery is performed at, the surgeon performing the procedure, and whether or not it is done in conjunction with breast augmentation. Expect the costs to range between $3,000 and $7,000 depending on the technique used, and can be as high as $9,000 or more if done in conjunction with breast augmentation. The surgeon performing your surgery plays an important role in the results of your plastic surgery, and finding the right surgeon for you can be difficult and time consuming. BreastAugmentationSurgeons.com specializes in matching patients with surgeons in the area free of charge. Fill out the form to the right to have a surgeon contact you about the costs and procedures involved.

Breast lifts do have several techniques under which they may be performed, but, the most common is the anchor-shaped incision. This procedure begins with an incision around the area of breast tissue that is to be removed. The incision surrounds the nipple area also runs to the bottom of the breast. The surgeon uses this incision to remove excess skin and other tissues that are causing the breast to sag. Once the tissue has been removed, the nipple and breast are moved to a higher position, and the skin is then brought into a tighter position surrounding the breast. The surgeon will then close and secure the incision into place.

Breast lift patients should expect discomfort to follow after the surgery, but any pain may be minimized by medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon. While you may be up and on your feet in about a day, plan on returning to work in approximately a week, depending on how you feel after the plastic surgery. Your surgeon will likely advise you return for a check up to ensure that you have healed properly. View before and after pictures on our site, or contact your plastic surgeon today to learn more.